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We are more into building long lasting relationship with our customers, rather pricing.

We provide our application on your domain or we give you choice to keep on our domain , hosted with reliable provides with 24/7 supports.

Pay for what you need only

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Monthly subscription base (Recommended)

  • All our products are available on easy monthly subscription. You dont need to take it as is. We customize the application based on your specifics needs
  • Host locally on your network or let WALNA to select the best domain provider for you and configure your application. You need not to worry about building your own data center.
  • If you are not satisfied, monthly subscription can be easily Un-subscribe at any point of time.
  • Monthly subscription can be converted into one time price, and the paid subscription amount will be set-off from the onetime price.

Price Onetime

  • Prepare your RFP and send to WALNA , our experts will evaluate and offer you the best price accordingly.
  • We use all latest media to provide the end user training and supports.
  • You need to make sure that you have all pre-requisition ready with you to host the application on your network.

DriveShip - ERP

ERP is an application or software which integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single system that can serve all those different departments particular need. ERP combines all the departmental data into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. We offer a complete solution to manage sales, purchase, inventory, human resources management, purchases, inventory, receivable, payable, fixed assets all under one single ERP solution.

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DriveShip - Payroll

Manage your payroll accuratly

The biggest strength of our payroll software is its flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure. With extensive configuration settings we guarantee that your requirements will be perfectly addressed

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DriveShip - Employees Self-Services

Give Access to employees to manager their accounts
  • Profile, Salaries , Income , Contract , Vacations & Leaves , Attendance , Documents

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DriveShip - Accounting

Manage Accounting....
Multi Cost Centers , Multi Branches , Customers Management , Sales , Receivable , Suppliers Management , Purchase Management , Payable , Inventory Management , Employees Management, Payroll Management , Easy Data Entry Forms , Financial Reports , Analytical Reports , Statement Of Account

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DriveShip - Business

Drive your business in The Fast Track...
Customer , Suppliers , Sales , Purchase , Receivable , Payable , Expenditures , Stock , Reports

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DriveShip - Clinics

Manage patients and billings ...

This application provides well defined and clear interface for managing the different departments and simultaneously improves efficiency and profitability of the clinics. This is designed for multi specialty clinics, to cover a wide range of clinics administration and management processes. It covers a wide range of clinics administration and management processes, and provides relevant information across the clinic to support effective decision making and future business planning.

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DriveShip - CRM

Improve Customers Relations

CRM is an integrated approach to identify, acquire and retain customers by enabling organizations to manage and coordinate customer interactions across multiple channels, department lines of business and geographies. CRM helps organizations maximize the value of every customer interaction and drive superior corporate performance.

We offer the solution to CRM that maximizes profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction by organizing around customer segments, fostering behavior that satisfies customers and implementing Customer centric process.

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DriveShip - Schools

Drive your business in The Fast Track...

The Education System and it's process have undergone constant upgradation from time to time . Walna has developed an easy User Interface and User Experience Design which adapts to the system and process of your institution. We bring a number of innovations which enhances the applicability of the complex process

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